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20+ years Combined Experience
1,453+ Active Users
26+ Clients
Sandeep Acharya Founder

Aqore is something my partner and I started in 2019, intending to redefine the quality of ERP software. Having founded similar companies, which are currently reigning the staffing company charts, I wish to make Aqore a company that best utilizes the untapped potential of Nepali Youths. I want to ensure our company focuses on service and becomes a force that can boast international quality here.

Samar Basnet Founder

I have always wanted to build a company that focuses on quality technological solutions and prioritizes customer retention. If a company nourishes from our services and solidifies its position as a competitor in its niche, that is a job well done for me. As an aficionado of technology, I am intrigued with quantum computing and its limitless potential for humankind. I am a man of core values and will constantly be overseeing Aqore as it climbs up the success ladder.

About Us

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Building and grooming a top-notch company that promises product and market quality is no easy feat. However, founders Sandeep Acharya and Samar Basnet have years of first-hand experience when it comes to building an international product from scratch and thousands of satisfied customers that would strongly agree to its quality. The Aqore team has always been fixated with making a mark in the market and this idea propels the 50+ members to a single goal. We are proud to be a company that utilizes the extracts of Agile workflow and excels in product delivery, migration, and security solutions.

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Zenople Mobile in a Nutshell

Technological Ecosystem

Being a Tech Company, our Tools and our potential to use those tools to your services counts the most. So, Aqore always prioritizes using the best of what the tech-world can offer. With Zenople as its foundation, here are the tools we utilize to promise quality.

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Shristi Kayastha

Assistant Manager- HR

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” and I’m happy that my hard work/luck led my first career steps to Aqore. The privilege of working under a supportive and vibrant Boss and equally sparkling team is something I have and will always cherish as my years at Aqore unfolds.

Samrat Karanjit

Senior Project Manager

Aqore, for me, has always reflected their slogan of “When we do a job, we do a great job.” The positivity I receive from my colleagues and the spontaneity of the workflow always motivate me to contribute more than my title demands. Let’s work hard and party harder!!

Ruban Dangol

Software Development Manager

Aqore has always been a place where I can push myself and experience the "work-hard-play-hard culture" every day. I am genuinely happy that I started my career in a place with abundant fertility to nurture people's personal and professional growth. Let's just say I never had to look back.

Prakash Sapkota

Quality Assurance & Release Manager

I have been with the Aqore team for more than four years as the QA and Release Manager. But, it’s interesting that Aqore has been the factor that keeps my Quality Assurance in check regarding my professional life. In a way, I’m getting back the services I contribute to the company. I appreciate the company’s efforts that treat all employees as essentials of a complete picture.

Mrijan Shrestha

Software Implementation Manager

I have always loved Aqore’s work environment. Work-life is not always easy, but my team members' expertise, enthusiasm, and professionalism make it worth another day at the office. I, and the company, am grateful to have such a dedicated team that goes above and beyond for their responsibilities.

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Our few Super-Employees

Ruja Shrestha

System & Network Admin

As a girl who always associated herself with shy and introverted personality traits, joining Aqore as an intern took a lot of courage. But I can attest that Aqore gave me the confidence to tackle both my professional and personal blemishes. The girl who once hesitated to open up to the world now looks forward to another day at the office, learning and interacting with colleagues. I think that says a lot about the environment at Aqore.

Subekchya Shrestha

Quality Assurance Engineer

I started as an intern in Aqore. My journey to becoming a full-fledged QA would not have been possible if not for the constant mentoring and support from my seniors/colleagues. Aqore motivates its employees to go beyond what’s demanded from their position. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my role, the environment, and the progress at this firm.

Rasita Shrestha

Business Analyst/Training Co-ordinator

I have been with Aqore for four years, and the impact a good work environment can impose on its employees is clearly evident from my career timeline. Opportunities are limitless if you are ambitious enough. Aqore is the place that welcomes such ambitions and facilitates overall growth. I am really excited about what the future holds for me within Aqore.